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  What is Web Design? The internet is a new means of communication that can connect business and customer in an instant. However, like many new modes of information access, the internet warrants a carefully considered approach to content presentation to make this experience a pleasant one.

The web designer skilfully presents the required message to its audience in the most usable, professional, stylistic manner, without sacrificing aesthetics or accessibility.

More about webdesign...
Bullet point A new design philosophy
Bullet point The "architecture of information"
Bullet point A careful consideration of usability
Bullet point Fine balance of visual style and simplicity of use

What can Jstar do for you?
  Jstar Global offer a comprehensive range of web design solutions. Whether you're in the market for a new website or updates to an existing site, we can provide a complete pacakage tailored to your needs.

We create world-class page designs, with proven technologies and cutting-edge usability strategies. All our designs feature professional-quality images and multimedia, optimised for download and cross-compatibility, so your visitors won't be kept waiting.

What can Jstar do for you?

Design Packages

These three fixed rate solutions typify the requirements of a majority of our clients, and can be used to give a rough indication of what a website of these sizes would cost. The packages are fully customizable, and you can build your own from scratch.


Create a vibrant, professional homepage for yourself, your family, or a friend.

Easy to use and fully customisable, this is the perfect cyber-home for small groups and individuals.

  • Custom template design
  • Four E2-powered sub-pages
  • Unique layout and images
  • W3C Standards Compliant
  • Global stylesheet
  • Content implementation
+3 'extras' (details)


A professional online presence for any small-to-medium sized business, with powerful database capabilities and plenty of room to grow.

  • 2 custom template designs
  • 10 custom sub-pages
  • Unique layout and images
  • Professionally designed logo and title-bar
  • Global stylesheet
  • Database driven using PHP and MySQL
  • Popup/dropdown navigation interface
+5 'extras' (details)


Large scale, fully featured information portal. Ideal for those wanting to sell or promote their products and services online.

  • All of the above, plus:
  • 20+ custom sub-pages
  • Shopping cart and online store
  • 3 custom multimedia applications
  • Integrated client billing system
  • Totally dynamic content management
  • Electronic mailing list
  • Privacy policy and copyright
+8 'extras' (details)


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