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The Four Essentials of Modern Web Design

Discover why standards compliance, accessibility, semantics, and content separation are the cornerstone principles of website development.

Onion Skinned Drop Shadows Using CSS

Use Cascading Style Sheets to design a flexible, extendible framework for adding drop shadows to HTML displays of your digital images.


Learn how to create the sliding dropdown menus used on this site with this versatile and powerful menu system.

Mail URL Obfuscation

This article explains how to safely display e-mail addresses on the internet to prevent them being harvested by automated linkbots and spammers.

Simple Localization with PHP

PHP makes it easy to build a simple and effective regionalisation framework in order to make your website multilingual.

Taking Your Website to the Small Screen

It's easier than you think to optimise your website for the low-resolution screens of PDAs and mobile phones.

Semi-transparent backgrounds

Spice up your website with this tutorial about creating semi-transparent backgrounds using CSS and XHTML.


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