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About Jstar Global
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Who we are:

Jstar Global is an internet media group based in Melbourne, Australia. Above all else, we love technology and are deeply enthused by the idea of making it work better for you. Website design is one of our areas of specialty, and is a fascinating new form of communication and graphic design that we enjoy exploring with our clients.

We demand from ourselves a high level of excellence in our products and services, yet without making the costs of design, hosting, or consultancy prohibitive to small business. Our highly efficient workflow and low overheads allow us to offer you a service that is significantly cheaper than our competitors, without sacrificing the quality of what we love to do.

What we do:

Jstar helps businesses, individuals, and organisations of any size to interface better with technology. Whether it be by creating a website, setting up a computer network, or giving advice about what printer to buy, our services help bridge the gap between computers and their users.

Above all, we want to make it easy for businesses and orgnisations to promote themselves in a way that suits their purpose. This may take several forms:

  • A professionally-designed website
  • Print advertising
  • Stationary or business cards
  • Multimedia portfolios or information discs

The services that we offer reflect the idea that promoting oneself or one's business online should be fast, cheap, and easy.

Our website is categorised into these areas of service. Click on the area about which you wish to know more.


Websites, large and small, for businesses, non-profit organisations, and individuals. Our solutions are cost-effective, professionally laid out, and easily maintainable.

Web, print, and multimedia design.
Web hosting

Server hosting packages to suit all needs, with comprehensive support and flexibility. Enterprise-class performance and excellent value-for-money. Discount domain registration.

Hosting for websites of all shapes and sizes.

How can we make technology work better for your business? Advice, analysis, evaluation, and comparison on a range of issues - from networking, to e-Commerce.

Advice, upgrades, analysis - you name it, we do it!

Computer systems assembled by our qualified engineers, built and tested for the highest performance and stability. Upgrades, repairs, and remote or on-site technical support.

Systems and components, repairs, upgrades, and maintenance.


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