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Website 'Extras'
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Extras are advanced multimedia or scripting features that certain packages come bundled with. Each extra comes fully configured and integrated into your website. Additional extras may be purchased upon request, but are generally not available separately.

All the extras come with e-mail comprehensive technial support via e-mail, so you shouldn't have any troubles getting something updated or moved. Depending on the plan, a total of 3, 5, or 7 extras may be selected from this list. If you see something that isn't here that you would like included, please let us know.

  • 2 Extra Sub-pages
    If you want a larger site than one package offers, but don't want to step up to the next package, this extra will give you the room you need to display your content in a clear, organised fashion.

  • Additional Maintenance
    Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly updates for a negotiable period.

  • Splash page
    An entrance page that precedes the main index page of your website. Used effectively, this can improve your rating in search engines and entice users on slower connections to enter the main site.

  • Profesionally designed logo
    With extensive experience in logo and graphic design, we will design your business a unique, memorable logo to go with your website. See our print design page for details.

  • Online Form
    Allows users to register, express interest, or enquire online without having to leave their web browser to send an e-mail. Quick and convenient way of receiving communications.

  • Image Scanning
    We will digitise, crop, and restore any image to its original condition, then optimise it for the web and include it into a portion of your site.

  • Text Input
    Have a document that you want on your website, but can't find the file you saved it as? We will use Optical Character Recognition software to input your document to a computer, then check for errors and format for the web using HTML.

  • JavaScript Coding
    Navigation, multimedia, or interactive page elements designed to your specification.

  • Presentation/Slideshow
    An easy way to market a new product or service to customers, shareholders - anyone! We will take an existing PowerPoint or MasterClass presentation and convert it slide by slide into HTML.

  • Newsletter
    A mailing list and HTML/Plaintext newsletter design for your site to communicate with its users.

  • Flash Banner
    460*80 pixel banner advertisement to promote your site, including tweened animation using Flash and custom vector art.

  • Online Calendar system
    Allows a small community to collaborate and post events on a web-based calendar. Fully customisable with user management and public/private modes.

  • Interactive chat room
    Provides a facility for website users to instantly message other users.

  • Audio streaming
    Lets visitors stream audio files from the server on demand. Play music, search, create and edit playlists.

  • Online Classifieds
    Sell goods online using an easy to manage, categorised interface with user management and data-base driven backend.

  • Voting poll
    Add interactivity to your site with this online poll. Automatic graphs, full administration interface.

  • Random text/image
    Spice up a page with some randomness with random images or text. Use random colour schemes, quotations, title images, and more.

  • Forum
    Powerful community forum (bulletin-board) with advanced administration features, file uploads, HTML support, threaded display, and customisable interface.

  • Link Archive
    Maintain an archive of links to other sites - as seen in the Jstar resources section. Best results when used with the random text generator.

  • e-Cards
    Add functionality to your site with this electronic greeting card service. Includes some basic card templates.

  • Online User Count
    Displays the number of visitors currently browsing your site within a configurable amount of time.

Any of these features may be integrated into an existing website, or included in a custom design. If you can think of anything else that isn't listed here, call us for a free quotation.

Need help integrating a third party script or utility into your site? We can help. Contact us.

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