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Welcome to the Jstar Global download repository. Here you will find utilities and applications designed to assist in website application conceptualisation and development.

  • Apache
    The internet's most popular open source web server software, used to power the Jstar servers.

  • PHP
    We use the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor to create dynamic and interactive websites.

  • MySQL
    Create flexible and scalable online database applications.

  • Open Source CMS
    Find a prebuilt, freely available Content Management System for your website.

  • Website Accessibility
    Ensure your website complies with international guidlines on accessibility.

  • Worldwide Web Consortium
    The W3C is the governing body that oversees the development of the internet.

  • Webmaster World
    Learn how to make your website search engine friendly and standards-compliant.

  • Web Standards Awards
    View websites selected for outstanding aesthetic or technical merit.

  • Spam Help
    Learn how to avoid some of the problems presented by unsolicited bulk e-mails.


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