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About Our Network
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Network Information Our data centre is among the best-connected in the world. We are located in a high-speed network facility specifically designed for dedicated server hosting. Jstar Global has invested significant resources to ensure our server hardware and network backbone are fast and reliable, allowing our customers speedy and stable access to their websites. So confident in our network and servers are we that we offer a 99.6% uptime guarantee.

We make use of The Planet's data centres to allow for maximum connectivity. Our servers are cross-connected to multiple internet backbones, meaning that if one connection fails your site will still be accessible through an alternate provider. The Jstar Servers are physically located in Dallas, Texas, but our extensive network connections allow speedy access in all parts of the world, including Australia.


Backup power generator The network facility of which we are a part is an underground server complex containing over 50 000 square feet of server space and numerous gigabit per second outgoing fibre optic links. All servers are protected by an onsite backup power generator, so your website will be unaffected by power outages; in addition, Jstar utilises a PowerWare UPS system to gracefully handle the transition onto backup power, meaning that there will be no downtime in the event of power failure.

Fire Suppression

To prevent fires, our datacentre employs a pre-action dry pipe system utilising VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus), along with over 600 smoke detectors. We also are equipped with a state-of-the-art HVAC fire-suppression system. An HVAC is a combination of glycol, chilled water, and condenser which isolates and quickly extinguishes outbreaks without damage to server hardware. So even in the rare event of a fire, there will be no downtime.


Thanks to our multitudinous arrays of routers, firewalls, and network security, logical (hacker) attacks are very unlikely. Our available bandwidth is so vast that any distributed denial of service attack would have to be on a mammoth scale to succeed, and we actively monitor all servers for security flaws. In addition, our servers are kept up to date with all the latest security updates.

Datacentre security cameras Physical security is also a concern for us here at Jstar. All servers are kept under lock-and-key, and the datacentre requires swipe card access and employs security guards to monitor a closed circuit television security system. Visitors must check in and out of the facility, meaning that no physical intruder is going to be able to access your website unnoticed.

Internal Network Architecture

A web host's internal network is just as important as their links to the outside world. This is why we make use of only the highest quality networking equipment. All routing and switching is performed by Juniper and Cisco products, allowing for the highest levels of theoretical performance.

Juniper M20 routers are used at the higher levels of the network, while Cisco 6500 series switches are used to distribute packets between subnets. In the aggregation layer we use Cisco 6500 and 5500 switches, while Cisco 3500 and 2900 series switches deliver data to the servers themselves.

Cisco Compatible
Juniper Networks
The Planet
Our cross-connections to six backbone providers ensures the ultimate in connection redunancy. We currently purchase premium bandwidth from:
  • Verio (GigE)
  • UUNet (GigE)
  • Time Warner (GigE)
  • Level 3 (GigE)
  • Global Crossing (GigE)
  • ATT (DS3)
We go these lengths for one reason: redundancy. For almost any conceivable scenario, your website will remain online, allowing your customers to continue to buy your wares, learn about your services, or access your information. Our ultimate goal is 100% uptime.

Server Hardware

We ustilise reliable, high-performing hardware to server web pages faster than anyone else. Clearly, we take network architecture very seriously. But what about the servers themselves? We're proud to report that, again, we only operate the highest quality, brand name hardware. That means Intel CPUs, SCSI hard disks, Abit motherboards, and Adaptec controllers. We regularly upgrade our servers to replace old components, allowing your webpages to be served even faster.

Our high performance may be partially attributed to our watchful eye upon CPU utilisation and storage resources. If we notice any user account disrupting service for other users, we will immediately contact the user and alert them to their . Note that it is our policy to never suspend a user account for exceeding bandwidth or storage limits, unless requested by a law enforcement agency. Instead, we will contact the user concerned and politely ask them to either reduce their usage or upgrade their plan. Customer autonomy is paramount.


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